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AveMagnolia Consulting recognizes the work we do,  as well as our existence, unfold within an intersection of systems based on white supremacy, patriarchy, classism, sexism, exploitation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), LGBTTQ, poor, limited ability people’s bodies, minds, emotions, creativity and culture, intergenerational trauma, collective trauma, internalized oppression and ingrained dissociation from ourselves, amongst other perpetual effects of these realities. 

We recognize that community work and the non profit sector can adopt these same structures intentionally and unintentionally.

 We also recognize the inherent wealth of tools, resources, resistance, creativity, power and community that also exist as our reality. Hence the following principles:


Your time, energy, experiences, participation, creativity, presence, autonomy and willingness are treasures. Participatory leadership means the giving of these to the work we do should happen to the degree you are comfortable, which might change at any given moment, hence communicating about your needs and boundaries is paramount. Though AveMagnolia sees commitment to the work as the pathway toward transformation, it places equal value in recognizing that the work as many other things in life and in participatory processes, can be messy, multi-layered and is likely to change (it is supposed to) as new input arrives from you and the community. Please know that consenting to one layer or one process does not tie you to the next layer or a different shape of the process as it changes, and that working together to find what you need to either continue or discontinue commitment in an intentional way is paramount. We will continuously check in with you and the participants of the projects,  regarding where your consent for participation is at, and we also ask that, as much as possible, you let us know where you are at. 

Self care

Living in white supremacy and patriarchy is exhausting. Please know this is a space that prioritizes self care, both inside the work of the project, as well as outside. No questions asked.

Mutual care

In the same vein, we also recognize mutual care as essential to not only our survival but also for thriving. Please ask if you need anything. 

(Also know: AveMagnolia Consulting will do its best to connect you to resources as much as possible).

Authentic Participation

Please show up as you are, if you are comfortable with that. All of you, is welcome. We are asked to adapt and show up to dominant white supremacist and patriarhical culture spaces often in parts, or under certain lights. Please know your authentic participation is also a treasure. If there are things that you need to be able to show up we are always open to feedback and requests. 

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