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CocoEva Soleil LuzGuerrero Alcazar is an anti-human trafficking and equity advocate research-consultant, educator as well as an interdisciplinary artist and activist. She is originally from La Paz, Bolivia and has served in various targeted communities through education, community organizing, campaign development, research, arts engagement, and policy development in Latin America and the United States, both in community and non-profit work as well as partnerships with governmental entities. Her art, music and writing have been exhibited and publicized in galleries in the United States and South America. She studies Political Science with a background in Community Advocacy and Social Policy and is pursuing a Master of Arts in Social Justice and Human Rights. She currently works consulting on issues of equity, research, and survivor leadership in various agencies such as  Our Voice, CAST National Survivor Network, The North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking, serves as an Appointee in the Department of Justice North Carolina Task Force on Racial Equity and Criminal Justice Victim Advisory Group and has worked with Anti-Trafficking International and Polaris Project.   

Simultaneously, she is pursuing her project I am AveMagnolia (, a mix of her artistic work as well as an analytical framework examination of the impacts of trauma on our personal and collective lives, and its inherent relationship with systems of oppression and pathways of liberation. Her work engaging the community as an educator, advocate, and artist, as well as in her one-on-one work with individuals is strongly based in the pedagogy of Paulo Freire's Popular Education. The approach she brings is a merging of Popular Education, creative expression in all forms, advocacy for intersectionality (Crenshaw) in social justice, and somatic awareness –as tools for self-actualization and transformation, both on a collective as well as individual level. Her passion for social justice comes from understanding that experiences that shape our humanity as well as our disconnection from it, result from the macrocosmos of systemic oppression (collective trauma) translated into the microcosmos of interpersonal/personal oppression (personal and interpersonal trauma).

"A reign of undisturbed peace is unthinkable in history. History is becoming; it is a human event. But rather than feeling disappointed and frightened by critical discovery of the tension in which my humanity places me, I discover in that tension the joy of being" 

- Paulo Freire - 

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