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Healing Blankets
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Infused with mediation, healing, prayers, affirmations and intention. Cozy, warm, healing and soothing. You can choose from the following combination:

1) Choose it all! the colors, affirmations, and healing (or other) intentions

2) Choose the affirmations, intentions and needs, I choose the colors! 

3) Choose the colors and let me know the intentions and I put affirmations, healing energy and prayers into it

4) You just want a cozy warm blanket and leave the rest up to me! 


As you can see on my page, I am an artist, activist, educator and deeply believe in critical thinking and analysis as key principles for a life worth living. I do not believe in cultural appropriation or healing as an industry to exploit or trivialize, neither do I believe in spiritual bypassing. I usually prefer living out my spiritual beliefs and experiences as something for my own heart or to share in more intimate connections. However, encouraged by friends and family, I am deciding to share these blankets which so far, I have only made as gifts. The act of infusing a physical object with love, healing and intention as I crochet it, has brought healing to me, and to those close around me. I hope to do the same with and for you. Please know that the price for one blanket also includes the energetic/healing work, and that the possibility of a sliding scale is always there.

Credit to the model pup,

Santo Santiago

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